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Customer Care Service

We have built our reputation and success in this business through our exceptional customer service to both our individual travel clients and our business/corporate accounts. We provide information on accessing customer care service options if you are travelling on an individual travel reservation or a business reservation with a corporate account from one of our Business Travel Centres. At anytime if you are not satisfied with our service levels, please contact our Operations and Customer Care Centre and ask for the Supervisor-In-Charge.

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Customer Care

Vacation Customers

Pre Trip Questions

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your upcoming trip, please give your travel agent a call and they will be happy to help you out. If you don’t get the right answer and still have questions, please ask to speak to the Branch Supervisor or call our Operations and Customer Care Centre (Toll Free 1-800-263- 2482) and ask to speak to the Supervisor-In-Charge.

During Your Trip

If you run into any problems while on your trip, we suggest you contact the airline supervisor, local tour destination representative, hotel general manager and/or cruise tour director for further assistance as they will be best suited to assist you. Its important to take good notes, including dates and times, who you spoke to at the airline, hotel, car and/or cruise line so that upon your return we can follow up with the appropriate individuals with detailed comments. Remember to ask for 'proof of your complaint', as many travel suppliers now provide a reference number and/or documentation about a specific issue while on vacation.

Post Trip Questions

Upon returning home, please contact us within seven business days to discuss any concerns you had on your trip. Most Canadian travel suppliers now require any complaints about travel to be registered with them within a specific time frame to be considered. If you fail to register your complaint within a specific time frame the travel vendor will not consider any review of your specific concern or issue. We hope you have a wonderful trip and safe return home.

Business Customers

Please contact your assigned Business Travel Team Member at any of our Business Travel Centres for assistance on an upcoming business trip reservation.

If you have specific issues you wish to discuss with us, please contact our Operations and Customer Care Centre and ask to speak to a Corporate Account Manager for immediate assistance and resolution of your issue.

You can access 24/7 365 Customer Care for immediate service during non business hours. Please check your travel itinerary for our 24/7 Customer Care Numbers and your specific office account code starting with S.

Medical Emergency Assistance

If you have medical emergencies please immediately Call 911, Fire, Police or Emergency Services for further assistance.

Our travel counselors are not permitted to provide instructions on specific medical emergencies and/or emergency cancellation procedures.

We are not allowed to provide any insurance advice or answer any questions regarding any medical emergency and/or cancellation emergency.

Travellers who have purchased Medical and Cancellation insurance must contact the insurance provider for further assistance.